Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution

As experienced family lawyers, our mediators will seamlessly assist you to navigate with confidence, your family law disputes with a view to arriving at a final agreement in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Difficulty resolving conflict?

Why Mediation?

Separation is a difficult time for all parties concerned and litigation can take a toll on your emotional and psychological well-being.

If you are on amicable terms with your ex-partner or feel that you may be able to reach an agreement in relation to parenting and/or property with the assistance of an experienced mediator, we can assist.

In parenting matters, there is a requirement for parties to attempt family dispute resolution in the first instance prior to instituting proceedings. It is important to be mindful that the outcome of mediation (for both parenting and property) can result in a set of Court Orders by consent which are binding and final. Alternatively, you may prefer informal terms of agreement in the form of a parenting plan.

There is a requirement for parties to attempt good faith negotiations and mediation for family law property matters. Our experienced mediators who are also experienced family lawyers, will assist you in narrowing the scope and resolving your property disputes.

Mediation Services

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Our Team

Our team is a dedicated group of skilled professionals committed to guiding you through disputes and fostering positive resolutions.

Tamana Daqiq

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Tamana is an experienced mediator and an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner, with many years of experience as a family lawyer. She has completed her FDR training with the College of Law and is registered with the Attorney General’s Department.

Mahdi Rahmizada

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Mahdi is in training to become an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner. He is currently completing his FDR training with the College of Law. Mahdi has over 5 years experience in Family Law matters as a family lawyer.